Monday, May 13, 2013

Cover Love #9

The other day Ashton and I were talking about the Across the Universe Trilogy by Beth Revis. While Ashton is totally heads over heels for it and loves it to death... I kinda like hate it. I mean, I read Across the Universe and like died and had to drag my feet to finish it. It really wasn't my favorite book at all. Now I'm all for supporting whenever my friends get into a series/trilogy, so for Ashton's birthday last year I got her a signed copy of Across the Universe. I had to make sure to get the pretty sparkly cover to go with her A Million Suns cover. We both totally agreed that the sparkly spacey covers were beautiful and really something that pulled people into the book. So imagine how devastated we were when we found out the the final installment Shades of Earth was not going to have a gorgeous cover? Yeah, pretty upset. I have no idea where from but Ashton found this cover, which I'm not even sure was used, and I am like so in love with it.
Does everyone see this amazingness?? I mean seriously I would've bought this book just for the cover. It's breath taking!! It gives that amazing outer-space feel to it. It goes so well with the original covers of the first two. I mean seriously publishing company/author/whoever biggest mistake by not offering this cover out. It deserves a lot more than a cover love, because it is fabulous. 

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