Monday, May 6, 2013

Cover Love #8

Today's a Cover Love day!! Woohoo! It was actually pretty easy finding this because it was a tie for last week's!  Now, I've never read the book/series but Need by Carrie Jones has one killer cover. As much as I'm against the whole vamp/werewolf take over in the YA world, I will accept their beautiful covers without complaint. Actually, my only complaint is that I see such a pretty cover and then have to be let down that the story revolves around another over protective amazingly hot vampire. I mean seriously, I know loads of people disagree with me, but haven't the vamps had their run? It's time to let someone/something else steal the show. Back to topic here's the cover:
Some people might not agree, or even like it. I mean, yeah I can see how it can be creepy but I still love it. And the gold sparkle lipstick is super cute. 

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