Friday, May 3, 2013

12 2012 Favorites #5

This month's 2012 Favorite is brought to you by my English homework! No joke, I seriously didn't know what to pick until it hit me when I was writing up a little assignment on how awesome Emerson is. How Hourglass is connected with Beowulf (which we’re analyzing/reading) I don’t care to explain. Back to topic here, Hourglass by Myra McEntire is seriously amaze. I LOVE this story, it’s incredible and definitely a must read. Now, those of you who die at the sight of time travelers, you’ll love this book. It’s got some serious time traveling issues, a couple uber hotties, a supportive sister-in-law, and at slightly confused yet totally kick-ass main character.  Plus some romance in it for the rest of ya.

Hourglass is the first in the Hourglass Trilogy, and I must say Timepiece really does live up to the standards. I love both books, and am super excited for July when Infinityglass hits shelves.

Even though I don't really understand the cover, it has about nothing to do with the story in any way that I could think possible, don't let it turn you away. It did take me a lot of time to finally find the urge to read Hourglass(even after one of my favorite authors Rachel Hawkins declared it's amazingness), however I'm really glad I eventually picked it up. Hourglass takes you on a total thrill ride and is most definitely an all time favorite. 

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