Tuesday, October 1, 2013

12 2012 Favorites #10

Eeep! October! Finally it's autumn! Which is THE BEST season in the world! (Yes Rose, it is the best!) I love everything about it, from the gorgeous boots and sweaters, to the beautiful colors and leaves, I just love the thought of it. If I could just bottle it up and take it with me wherever I go I'd be the happiest person ever. I mean seriously who doesn't love pumpkins?! They just make the world happy! Getting back to the point, as awesome as October may be, it's not quite as awesome as Shatter Me is.

I will be the first person to get up and admit that yes, I thought Shatter Me sounded interesting at first. But when it was re-released with this gorgeous amazing super God sent cover I wasted no time and pick this lovely doll up. And boy was I glad I did. Shatter Me seriously left me at a loss for words. In case anyone has noticed, I never have nothing to say. It's part of who I am, just like my sarcastic attitude, and strange obsession for the color green. So it's safe to say Shatter Me didn't just blow me away, it blew me to bits.

Why is it I love Shatter Me oh-so much? Well it's hard to explain without words but I'll give it a go. The emotion was one thing that totally drew me in. You feel so much for Juliette its incredible, she broke my heart so many times just because of how amazing a character she is. She's gone through so much in her life, yet she's still trying to be accepted. She's just such a pure and good hearted character even after her seriously awful beginning, watching her grow and find hope in something just makes you feel insanely awesome.

Next thing, Adam, is like majorly hot. I mean, seriously who doesn't love an uber hottie in combat boots? And the fact that Adam and Juliette knew each other before, is just so freaking lovely I can't get over it. Next we have all the action, yes this book is so goodness gracious amazing! Action, romance, lovely characters. There's funny moments, heartfelt ones, sad ones, and so much it's hard to explain. Either way, Shatter Me is a story that will definitely rip you to shreds.

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