Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ugh Wednesday

So, I was supposed to post either a Cover Love or Counting the Days today and I'm not. I have a perfectly valid excuse too, I couldn't find annnnnything. Seriously, right now it's 3:20 a.m. and I'm searching and searching for one or the other and I got nicht. On a totally different note, I'm apposed to the whole werewolf, vampire, angel rage that's been sweeping through the YA world. I did, and I will admit to it, read a book with a werewolf theme a couple years back. Aside from that I haven't as much as touched one of the three, and this week I decided to try an angel book. I picked up Unearthly and gave it my best shot because I read awesome things about it annnd, then I quit 100 pages in. Why 100 pages happen to be my breaking point, (Crossed, Splendor, The Hobbit are a few others that didn't entertain me past the 100 either) I have no clue. It's just a matter of time I assume, and when I who always has my nose in a book is sitting in front of the tv searching for a movie bad things have obviously happened. On the good side, since I added Unearthly to my list of books I never finished (it's a short list about 8 books top, I actually forced myself to read the entire Gemma Doyle trilogy so I didn't have to quit it.) I also started Wander Dust which I've got like 20 pages left because it's a pretty awesome book. I started it this morning and it is awesome, but seriously, how wrong can you go with time traveling? Happy reading all!!

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