Friday, July 19, 2013

Ashes & Ice Review

Author: Rochelle Maya Callen
Title: Ashes & Ice
Published: 02/04/2013
Good Reads-
She is desperate to remember.
He is aching to forget.
Together, they are not broken.
But together, one may not survive.

​Jade wakes up with no memory of her past and blood on her hands. 

Plagued by wicked thoughts, she searches for answers. Instead, she finds a boy who doesn't offer her answers, but hope. But sometimes, when nightmares turn into reality and death follows you everywhere, hope is not enough. 

LUST. LOVE. LOSS. Sometimes, all that is left are Ashes and Ice.


This book is weird!! I haven't written the review because I don't know what to say it's just weird weird weird. I hated it so much, it was boring and confusing and I totally don't even remember anything about the characters. I mean it's a really original story line but it was presented so weridly!! And nothing made sense and it was supposed to be all emotional and intense but it wasn't and it just felt halfway to me. I feel like the pacing is too slow, the way the story is portrayed doesn't work well with the plot. It's a really confusing read and I still don't understand it. 

I don't think I can actually explain the story without spoiling it. Basically Jade is trying to find her past, she knows she's forgetting something and that is obviously really bad and wrong. She just can't figure it out, what it is, who's part of it, the whole nine yards. Then on the other hand we have Conor, who's just a typical kid trying to get over his dad's recent death. Nerdy boy meets depression and for some reason him and Jade become quick friends. 

The story is pretty much Jade finding her past, but it's told in a sucky way. Like there's so much potential and it just went down the drain. I don't even understand, I'm running out of words. This was just lame I guess. The way the story is set up it's building up to the sequel, but after the flop that was the first book was, I wouldn't be interested in reading it. And everything you'd expect to happens happens, but in a weird lame way. Like you can picture this entire giant emotional breakthrough where everything starts to fall into place. But it doesn't happen like that it's more like, "oh you're you? that's cool I'm gonna go do stuff" Even the action scenes weren't interesting. 

Overall Ashes & Ice is one weird, confusing, bland story. It really wasn't my cup of tea and scores a two on my charts. 

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