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Life After Theft Review

Author: Aprilynne Pike
Title: Life After Theft
Published: 04/30/2013
Good Reads-
Moving to a new high school sucks. Especially a rich-kid private school. With uniforms. But nothing is worse than finding out the first girl you meet is dead. And a klepto. 

No one can see or hear Kimberlee except Jeff, so--in hopes of bringing an end to the snarkiest haunting in history--he agrees to help her complete her "unfinished business." But when the enmity between Kimberlee and Jeff's new crush, Sera, manages to continue posthumously, Jeff wonders if he's made the right choice.

Clash meets sass in this uproarious modern-day retelling of Baroness Orczy's The Scarlet Pimpernel.


This book is kinda a rollercoaster of sorts. It wasn’t exactly what I had imagined it out to be. Even as I was reading it I found things weren’t the way I would’ve pictured it, it’s nothing like I expected. And to me that’s a good and bad thing, I mean there were twists and turns, some things you totally expect some things you wouldn’t ever. It isn’t that overdone ghost story, it’s really really original, but at the same its California, how original can you get? There are the totally cliché clichés, like the queen bee blonde, super hot cheerleader, preptastic prep school. But I think it was a good balance, and I think I really liked this book. So here’s what went down! J

Kimberlee, the beautiful, rich, misunderstood, ghost, is stuck sulking through the halls of Whitestone Academy. No one can see her, no one can hear her, and she stays that way for a good year. Then comes in Jeff, the new kid, who can not only see and hear her, but somehow manages to feel bad enough to help her. Life After Theft is told in Jeff’s point of view, which I didn’t see coming for some reason. While Kimberlee was alive she was a bit of a kleptomaniac for like the last five years of her life. And during those five years, she kept everything she stole, like everything, it was organized, with the date and person it belonged to, and hidden in a cave on her parents beach. Cray? Pretty much, but Jeff is determined to return everything to whom it belongs, that way Kimberlee’s ghost days can be behind her and she pass on to whatever comes next.

Now the thing I didn’t like about this book is the fact that it took me forever to read. And not because it was super long or super boring, it just wasn’t fast paced. It was level, everything was spread evenly and there weren’t the super boring chapters, or the super crazy interesting ones. It was fair and spread out, and I just wish some things were a bit more intense. The characters were pretty cool, Kimberlee confused the heck out of me I’ll tell you that much. I didn’t know whether to feel bad for her, or what. She’s still pretty mean and bitter even after she’s dead. Jeff is cool, I mean his life kinda sucks, but it’s still good at the same time. Things just haven’t been in his favor lately, what surprised me was the most of the characters were the opposite of who I thought they would be.

My favorite part of Life After Theft was the last page. I realized ever since I started reviewing books, that my favorite usually is the end. I love how you get those flurries of emotions while you’re reading the last few pages. And this was a really really sweet ending and I love it. I just want to cut it out and post it on my wall and keep it forever. Life After Theft is a really nice book, and after everything Kimberlee and Jeff go through, you really start to feel for them.

Life After Theft scores a 4 for me. And don’t forget to read the prequel One More Day!!!

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