Monday, June 10, 2013

Cover Love #12

YAY IT'S JUNE!!!! I love June, it's the beginning of summer, my birthday is the second (YAY PRESENTS!!!), school is ending, Rita's Water Ice every week, and most importantly the BEACH! I'm in Philly, so I love the long car rides to the beach, I'm not so much into the whole "water" thing, but it's nice. And seashells are gorgeous and I wanna find a pet starfish and name him Patrick. Now, because June is the kick off of the summer months, and all things beachy, this summer Cover Love is going mer on everyone! Yes, you know those random mermaid covers that are cool and you're all secretly jealous of the model who got to do that? We are basking in their glory! This summer Cover Loves are all gonna be summer related, and this lovely doll is kicking it off.
Don't worry I'm starting with the worst and saving the best for last. But seriously how gorgeous are those scales? ALL the purple!!

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