Monday, June 3, 2013

12 2012 Favorites #6

Alrighty, so Google Chrome hasn't been friendly exactly with blogger the last few days (weird cause they're both google softwares whatever) so I'm hoping to be able to post this without my browser crashing.*fingers crossed* Now for the reasons I la-la-la-loooove Losing Lila by Sarah Alderson. I'm going to  list them, because I'm in a list mood.

1. Sarah Alderson writes the BEST stories, I seriously expect nothing less than amazing from her. (Excluding the Fated Trilogy, let's just not go there.)

2. I love all the characters!! Suki and Nate are HILARIOUS, Lila is amazing, Alex and Jack are the bestest. There are lot of important characters so I could go on forever. Or at least what seems like forever.

3. I love this series and I'm gonna be so sad, like crying at two in the morning sad, if it doesn't continue. Don't stop at just two!

4. It was the best sequel I have read in a long time. This is the first time I've ever liked the sequel more than the first.

5. It has just the right amount of action, romance, comedy, suspense, mystery, all that wonderful stuff.

6. The cover is so cute. I wouldn't say I la-la-la-looove it. But I like it, it gives it an edgy feel.

7. There's magic!! Well, more like superpowers but how isn't that awesome? Telekinesis and telepathy? How AMAZE.

8. Did I mention Suki and Nate? I'm pretty sure they had me rolling on the floor with laughter at least a handful of times. And I'd die for Suki's shoe collection.

9. Ahhhhh I'm running out of reasons but I'm desperate to hit ten. Oh! The drama!!! Okay this is so out of character, but there is so much drama in this story it like you gets addicted. I can't believe the thing in the end with Jack and the AH!

10. There. Is. So. Much. Action. Well not action, like awesome, I can't explain it, when if first read Hunting Lila I thought it was okay. I didn't expect much more from Losing Lila but ooooh my HufflePuff I was wrong. This book has so much excitement. That's the word.  Excitement! Every page has something new that makes your jaw drop. You hardly have time to digest it all and then BOOM! It's over. And not the sad kinda over, the kinda over where you just get bored with your normal life cause it can not compare to Lila's.

Okay so that's a pretty sketchy list of ten reasons why I LOVE LOVE LOVE Losing Lila, for a quick recap. It's constantly intense, has everything you'd need in a good book, from romance to superpowers (yes the superpowers), extremely well written, and just to die for. The Lila series is insanely amazing, and I'm so making Rose read them!

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