Friday, April 19, 2013

12 2012 Favorites #4

Alrighty, I may have mentioned the Demon Trappers series in the past, (I think I have), and how much I seriously love that series and ate up the all four novels and prequel last year. Of course I'd make all five stories into 2012 favorites, but I'd assume after posting about one you people in bloggerville will get the hint. Sad for me because I have less to post about, but I don't want to be that annoying person who keeps repeating the same things over, and over.

Getting off topic, back to the point here. I love the Demon Trapper Series by Jana Oliver, it's super amazing and I loved the story for every minute, and just about everything I wanted happened in the end. It wasn't too predictable and not too confusing either. Each book was nice and left you wanting for more, and I don't really remember it having the constant "O.M.G I'M GOING TO DIE" cliff hangers. (I could be wrong! But who cares they're all released!) I am VERY sad that my Trapper adventures are over, and I'm still looking for that one story that could come close to filling that gap in my heart. Even though I probably won't, I still think it was an excellent ride, taking in considerations all the ups and downs.

I figured I'd pick my favorite out of all the books and it's definitely the first one. Maybe because it's what started me on this crazy roller coaster of amazing, but I also think it was the best. You get to meet all the awesome characters and I love that blindness some have towards others, and the fact that the first book really (to me at least) shows how much all of the characters care about each other. It's before everything gets that complicated emotional thing and Riley is really trying to find her place in life. I really love this story, and it's one of the extremely rare ones I'm willing to reread. Actually, I just might once I forget all the little details that make it all so surprising. Oh, and for the record I always hated Simon.

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