Friday, April 12, 2013

12 2012 Favorites #3

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I FREAKING LOVE THIS BOOK. Like it's so amazing, and funny, and clever, and interesting, and intense. It's lovely actually. Most of the time it's two great guys in a book, well this time it's four, I know right. Total freak out. The best thing about this book is the characters, it got to the point where I was so on edge and worried that someone I loved was really the killer. So here's what happens and why I love it.

Clarity (Clare) has a gift called Psychometry. Whenever she touches something she can get a flashblack/feeling from the person wearing/holding/whatevering it. So when a murder happens in her little town, she's called to help out the police. 

As you can imagine this is a pretty intense book, and I love murder mysteries. Nothing like a crazed murderer to stir my interest. Now Clare has to work along side a New York detective's son (Cutie #1), and her ex-boyfriend who's also the Mayor's son (#2). To try and clear her brother's name (#3), and there's also the mention of his friend who is on internship of with the paper following the case(#4 also my favorite.) 

Actually scratch that, I can't decide between Nate or Perry. So like I said this book has all the good and not really any bad. I mean the cover needs some help, but don't let that steer you off the story. It's amazingly interesting and really entertaining. It kept me guessing who was behind it all, and you kinda don't feel bad about the victim cause she's annoying. It's a really light-hearted even funny book that's perfect for when you need a pick me up. Definitely a favorite of the year, I mean this is the type of book you wished you never read so you can rediscover it all over.

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