Friday, March 22, 2013

12 2012 Favorites #2

So I was debating on what to post again, only tonight I actually thought of a book I LOVED this year!! Woohoo props for me. Trust me all this remembering is harder than you think.Revived by Cat Patrick is like super amaze totally awesome heart breaking insane greatness of a book. I love love love love love this book. And I actually thought it was called Revive and not Revived this whole time. Random but true. Anyways this book is AWESOME.

I didn't exactly know what to expect when I started reading this book. I loved Forgotten also by Cat Patrick, but I wasn't sure how Revived was going to play out. It actually took me a while to get into. This book is sad, like really sad on the verge of tears in some parts and others I needed to put the book down before I just started crying like a baby. But it's SUCH a good book!

I'm not saying the whole thing is sad, it isn't, only some parts are. And if you like those books where you get a little emotional and can actually connect with the characters on that level, then this is so your book. It's so amazing because it has some mystery, action, romance, what would you call sad? Not depressing, it isn't depressing, it's more touching. The romance in it was so sweet and well balanced with the rest of the story, even I was head over heels in their relationship. This is also one of those books where I did not see the end coming. It was like totally shocking.  Revived is seriously an amazing book, definitely a favorite of the year.

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